A retreat centre near Glastonbury offering quality facilities for courses, workshops and seminars.

"The food at EarthSpirit has a well deserved reputation and is loved by the participants. It is an integral part of the experience of being there. It is delicious, healthy, nourishing and varied. The cooks are creative and present the food beautifully." Jan Day

We are pleased to cater to your requirements and enjoy doing so. All food is vegetarian, drawing inspiration from modern world cuisine and Laura's generous creativity. Garden produce is used when available including green salads and a large range of culinary herbs from our extensive herb garden. We source local suppliers for our ingredients whenever possible. We also cater for special diets (allergies/intolerances, vegan etc.) on request and for a small supplement.

There is a separate tea making area with a wide range of beverages which include herbal teas, coffee, decaf, green and black teas, hot chocolate, rice milk, oat milk and cows' milk. There is a fridge for any food participants wish to bring.

Breakfast is continental: boiled eggs, porridge, fruits, bread, spreads, muesli, yogurt.

Lunch is a soup, salads, cheese and bread.

Dinner can be Curry and rice, Roasted vegetables and hummus, Fritata with potatoes and vegetables, ... Sorry no photo available yet for dinners.

Bean and fennel Salad
Pasta Salad
Lentil and spinach Salad
Rocket Salad
Spinach Salad
Chickpea Salad
Rice Salad


"I would like to praise your chefs, their food is some of the best food i eat all year... i would visit for their food alone." Mike Shreeve

"... and a special thanks to Laura for feeding me, it has been wonderful to be nurtured by such a delicious rainbow of meals." Debbie, Hampshire

"I've just finished an 18 month training and I've really enjoyed coming to the centre each time as a base for the training. I'm writing because I wanted to pass on particular thanks to Laura and Andy for their amazing attitude and approach to preparing food  for us. I have health issues and need a special diet. I recognise it is a total pain for those making food for large numbers to have to accommodate this. And honestly I have never been met anywhere with such a 'can do' attitude. They have been unfailingly caring, positive, friendly  and good humoured, as well as preparing delicious food! I think over 18 months given the stresses of the job that's quite remarkable. So having seen them in action over all that time I just wanted to say how impressed I've been and express my appreciation."
Ali McBride

"I have been visiting Earth Spirit for over 20 years as both participant and as course co-ordinator. Throughout the years Earth Sprit chefs have provided reliably delicious and plentiful nutritious vegetarian and vegan food and the food is always beautifully presented.
The chefs work is at the core of the experience of Earth Spirit as a venue, as through their food they support the depth of work that people come to Earth Spirit to undertake. "
Hilary Kneale
Northern Drum