A retreat centre near Glastonbury offering quality facilities for courses, workshops and seminars.

Workshops and Events 2020

Northern Drum - Medicine Lodge
With Chris Luttichau

Shamanic Training

8-12 January 2020 www.northerndrum.com

With Sure Richards

A Winter closed group

16-19 January 2020  

Northern Drum - 3 Year training
With Chris Luttichau

Shamanic Training

23-26 January 2020 www.northerndrum.com

Energy Healing Training Course
With Marianne Violet Willis


26-31 January 2020 mariannevwillis@gmail.com

Northern Drum - 3 Year training
With Chris Luttichau

Shamanic Training

6-9 February 2020 www.northerndrum.com

Northern Drum - 3 Year training
With Chris Luttichau

Shamanic Training

7-9 February 2020 www.northerndrum.com


UCL Anthropology Field Trip

16-19 February 2020  

Silent Retreat with Sri Saraswathi Ma
With Sri Saraswathi Ma

Silent Satsang Retreat

29 February-6 March 2020



With Victoria


6-8 March 2020  

With Prune Harris


15-18 March 2020 www.pruneharris.com

Pesso Residential Workshop
With Juliet Grayson

Personal Development Workshop

23-26 March 2020 www.therapyandcounselling.co.uk

CCI Southern Spring Residential


18-22 March 2020 ken.orchard2@gmail.com

Spiritual Development
With Crystal Heaven

Spiritual learning

3-7 May 2020 healing@crystalheaven.co.uk

Awakening 2020 – Glastonbury Gateway
With Tracy Holloway

A potent week of sacred ceremony, supporting you to access the true awakening power within you.
Discover deep inner wisdom as you journey through both the inner and outer landscapes, attuning to the New Earth Grid – the guiding communication network for the Earth’s ascension.
8 days of total immersion into your magical nature. Be gently guided to deepen your connection to your true Self, activating your powerful inner Light and anchoring into the ancient wisdom of our sacred land.
The grid of Light will be super active when we align with it through our beautiful ceremony on top of the very mystical Glastonbury Tor for the New Moon in Gemini. A rewiring and upgrading of your own inner networks to attune to a higher frequency is guaranteed.
This festival of awakening is one not to be missed!

19-26th May 2020


Environment Retreat
With Jo Shanahan

5 day retreat.
Our Work is Loving the World: Responding to Climate Emergency with Clarity, Care and Compassionate Action.

This retreat is for anyone who practises mindfulness and is interested in coming together in a safe nurturing environment to explore how mindfulness and compassion practice can help us in respond to these challenging times. 

31 May-4 June 2020 www.mindfulness-network.org

Rrivate Medicine Wheel Retreat
With Trudi Morgan

Meditation and walking in Nature

1-4 June 2020 shortmoor@outlook.com

Growing Harmony
With Ali Burns

Join our stellar line up of teachers for a weekend of intense harmony singing. Between them Peter and Mary Alice Amidon, USA; Kate Howard, UK; and Alison Burns, UK, bring a wealth of experience, new arrangements, newly-composed material and vocal technique know-how to this exceptional long weekend of singing.

3-8th July 2020 www.aliburns.co.uk

Judith Seelig


7-14 August 2020 www.judithseelig.com

Shakti Camp

A Gathering in Sisterhood. Women's retreat including yoga, meditation, sacred dance, temple rituals, sound healing etc.

17-21 August 2020 www.shakti-academy.net
Gaiwagweniyo Longdance Event
With Wolf Clan
4-8 September 2019 www.wolfclanteachinglodge.org

Pesso Residential Workshop
With Juliet Grayson

Personal Development Workshop

21-24 Septembre 2020 www.therapyandcounselling.co.uk