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Little Earth Listings
Workshops and Events 2020
Living Tantra Training
With Jan Day, relationship coach and Art of Being® teacher
3-6 January 2020 www.janday.com

The Making Love Retreat
With Shakti Sundari

Tantric meditation inspired by the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

14-16 February 2020 www.shaktisundari.com

Inspirational Yoga Weekend
With Marina White Raven

Discover your true nature in beautiful Somerset. Take a break from the hectic pace of life; rest and rejuvenate your body and mind with inspirational yoga and creativity. Everything from the peaceful location, cozy accommodation, lovingly prepared food and authentic teaching contribute to creating an environment of positivity and welbeing.

21-23 February 2020 marinawhiteraven.tumblr.com/

With Jamus Wood

The World Needs You At This Time

Like the butterfly effect our every gesture has an impact, and we would like to invite you to a weekend of being bold, stepping forth and claiming every movement, every gesture you inhabit as a gift to the world, to life and to each other. 

This will be a weekend of community, of connected space of the magic we can create together and in each of us. 

There is a shift that needs to happen and through dance, in our bodies we know this. It's possible to feel it palpably, be touched by our humanity, the vulnerability, fragility, potency and power we all hold within us. This is a time to claim all of who we are and bring this through in what ever we do each day.

This will be a woven journey of dance, mystery, heart and community. We will by supported by music and silence, journeys into anatomy and connection. If you have ever attended and enjoyed one of our festival workshops this will be a retreat for you. 

You don't need to have any previous experience, just an interested in a deeper enquiry into dance and being.


28 February -1 March 2020 www.embodiedpresence.co.uk

Re-awaken and Rise
With Helen Courtney

A joyous weekend of celebration, as we come together to honour the Sacred Feminine. This is an exclusive retreat, which is taking place on the weekend of International Women's Day and just before the Virgo Full Moon. A powerful time to 'Re-Awaken and Rise' individually and collectively.

The theme for the 2020 IWD is 'an equal world is an enabled world' and it is this energy that will underpin the retreat. To achieve equality for women, we must first attain equality within the female community through healing the collective wound of of toxic feminine. Old paradigms nurture toxic feminine attributes and prevent women from being fully in their power, connected to their gifts and thriving in their potential.

Detectable traits of toxicity include self-importance in preference to self-empowerment, competition in favour of collaboration, sexual seduction instead of sexual empowerment and a victim mentally rather than self-responsibility. Some attributes of course are less obvious due to inauthentic masks or covert disguises, which may hide within our own, our ancestral and/or the collective shadow.

Using a special blend of Soul Alignment Medicine techniques throughout the weekend, we will liberate ourselves and the collective consciousness of limiting core beliefs, emotional wounds, inherited patterns and sabotaging behaviours connected to the toxic feminine.

Working with Sacred Cacao and with the Virgo Goddess 'The Great Cosmic Mother' as our guide, we will journey within using a Soul Alignment Meditation to re-awaken our Divine Goddess archetype. Virgo encourages us to achieve order and harmony from chaos, thus connecting us to our own truth and knowledge, in order to be discerning and self-reliant. She is the Goddess of birth, growth and freedom and invites us to birth our Divine Feminine, grow into our authentic self and free our true eternal power.
6-8 March 2020 www.helencourtney.co.uk/product/re-awaken-rise-retreat/

Transcendental Meditation Retreat
With Richard Moulton


13-15 March 2020 www.moseleymeditates.com

Gestalt Pernoal Development
With David Kalisch

Ongoing Gestalt

27-29 March 2020 www.counselling-training.org.uk
Living Tantra 1
With Jan Day, relationship coach and Art of Being® teacher
9-16 April 2020 www.janday.com

Dreaming in Avalon Pilgrimage to Glastonbury
With Becca Piastrelli

Women's retreat to explore sacred sites, connect to their inner wisdom and practice conscious dreaming

17-23 April 2020 www.therapyandcounselling.co.uk

Theresholds of Power and Healing
With Caitlin Matthews

Shamanic course- Intermetiate

10-13 May 2020 www.hallowquest.org.uk

Somatic Energetics
With Naoko Mitsunda


3-7 May 2020


Awakening 2020 – Glastonbury Gateway
WithTracy Holloway

A potent week of sacred ceremony, supporting you to access the true awakening power within you.
Discover deep inner wisdom as you journey through both the inner and outer landscapes, attuning to the New Earth Grid – the guiding communication network for the Earth's ascension.
8 days of total immersion into your magical nature. Be gently guided to deepen your connection to your true Self, activating your powerful inner Light and anchoring into the ancient wisdom of our sacred land.
The grid of Light will be super active when we align with it through our beautiful ceremony on top of the very mystical Glastonbury Tor for the New Moon in Gemini. A rewiring and upgrading of your own inner networks to attune to a higher frequency is guaranteed.
This festival of awakening is one not to be missed!

19-26th May 2020


Living Tantra Training
With Jan Day, relationship coach and Art of Being® teacher
27-31 May 2020 www.janday.com
Living Tantra Training
With Jan Day, relationship coach and Art of Being® teacher
5-6 June 2020 www.janday.com
Living Tantra 3
With Jan Day, relationship coach and Art of Being® teacher
12-18 June 2020 www.janday.com
School of Movement Medicine
With Jacob and Suzannah Darling Kahn
27 June- 2 July 2020 www.schoolofmovementmedicine.com

Journey to Avalon
With Rachel Jesien

Retreat to sacred sites to meet Goddess Immersion

24-30 July 2020 www.mysacredspine.com

Karpay Initiation Retreat
With Pampamesayok Don Augustine and Santos Machacca Apaza , a paqo from the High Andes

This eight-day grounding retreat will help you to explore and develop a committed, daily spiritual practice. By the end of your time, you will have the confidence to face any life challenges ahead and a deeper insight into this authentic shamanic path. You will have plenty of opportunity to deepen your connection with this divine Andean tradition and Mother Earth. 

You will receive seven energy transmissions called Karpay, these powerful initiation rites are steeped in wisdom and knowledge from the Q’eros in Peru. They are deeply heartfelt transmissions of energetic consciousness which will guide you to gain a clearer perspective on your own sacred path in life.

Daily teachings about the history and traditions of the Q’eros including making a beautiful despacho, will be offered by highly respected Q’ero Shaman Don Augustine and Santos Machacca Apaza from Peru. There will also be the opportunity to purchase traditional weavings which have been handmade by Don Augustine’s and Santos’s families.

7-16 August 2020 www.alirabjohns.com

Master Healer
WithTiffany Carole

Master Healer is a 9 month, co-creative program designed to deepen knowledge, discover hidden treasures, and carve out space within you for the Medicine Woman/Man to emerge in full power. Throughout the process, you'll grow in leaps and bounds as a human being, healer, and leader.  
We meet in-person for two, 5 - day retreats in the magical lands just outside of Glastonbury England.

23-27 August 2020 www.tiffanycarole.com

Sensual Mastery
With Kalindi Jordan

The Ultimate Woman's Journey to Secual Confidence and Inspired Relationship

22-24 November 2020 www.kalindijordan.com

Midwifing the Soul
With Caitlin Matthews

Shamanic course - Intermetiate

4-7 October 2020 www.hallowquest.org.uk

YTDC Immersion
With Dot Bowen

Teacher training immersion week

8-13 October 2020 www.dotbowenyoga.com

Speaking Gold
With Caitlin Matthews

Shamanic course - Advanced

4-7 October 2020 www.hallowquest.org.uk

Physio Flow Yoga and Pilates Retreat
With Sarah West

2 x Daily yoga/pilates classes, meditation and vegan food

4-6 November 2020 www.physioflow.net

Northern Drum
With Chris Luttichau


4-6 December 2020 www.northerndrum.com
Workshops and Events 2021

Northern Drum
With Chris Luttichau


5-7 December 2021 www.northerndrum.com